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"Helping Akitas... one dog at a time."
Akita Advocates was started late in 2004 to help find homes for displaced Akitas. Since that time, we have rescued over 200 dogs and found new, loving homes for them. We are a very small group of dedicated volunteers for whom rescue is a full-time second job. However, we have a passion about helping dogs who cannot help themselves.

AARTA is a non-profit organization. We are members of CABRA (Coalition of All Breed Rescue AZ), PACC911 (an umbrella organization that sets up adoption events throughout the county), and are recognized as one of ACA’s rescue groups (Akita Club of America).

Our Akitas Please help us help others like these!

Rosie, Yogi and Yosha have all gone over the Rainbow Bridge, but each one had medical issues before becoming the angels that they are, and we provided extensive medical care to keep them as healthy and comfortable as possible.

Rosie was a senior citizen when she came to us. She had extreme dry eye, with resultant blindness, some hearing loss, low thyroid, and arthritis. She had great care for the 2 ½ year she was with us until she passed away due to her body giving out.

Yogi had Valley Fever, an enlarged spleen that would have been better removed, but in the end his hind legs failed him. We took him back from a home that had turned him in to be euthanized, but he had another year of decent health with medical treatment.

Yosha had a broken leg and we got her the surgery she needed. While waiting for a home, she passed away suddenly from other causes.

Thankfully, most of our orphans are healthy. But these are just a few of the ones that needed extra care. Medication, tests, and medical procedures all come with a price tag, and we struggle to find enough funds to try to cure or at least help them live comfortably with their disabilities.

But your donations could help us do so much more! Won’t you consider sending a tax-deductable donation to help the dogs in need like Rosie, Yogi and Yosha?

All dogs are spayed/neutered, microchipped, licensed and have their required vaccinations before going into new homes. We provide medical care as needed, and have treated: bloat, entropian, hip dysplasia, Valley Fever, low thyroid, cancer and much more. For dogs that need manners, basic obedience commands are taught. We put out a quarterly newsletter to our adopters that carries articles about health, training, and events we participate in.

We do not have a facility, so all dogs are fostered in homes that can accommodate them. Unfortunately, this keeps the numbers of dogs we can help lower than we’d like.


Contact us!

Phone: 602-88-AKITA (25482)
Email: aarta.akitaadvocates@gmail.com


Your donations to support our efforts saving and re-homing Akitas are 100% tax-deductible.

All donations go towards veterinarian care, boarding and supplies for the dogs. The dogs thank you!

Adopting a friend

AARTA's adoption process consists of completing an Adoption Application & Contract, an initial visit with your family and the Akitas, home visit and adoption fee. Adopt your new best friend now.

About Us

AARTA is a 100% volunteer organization existing soley on donations. We work for Akitas who need our help in our "spare" time.

All of our volunteers have pets, families, homes, and jobs of their own, and do this work simply for the love of the Akita breed. Check the AARTA Flyer to find out more about us.

News & Events

Stay informed by reading our latest news area and checking our upcoming events. You can also subscribe/unsubscribe from our online mailing list.

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